Psalm 13 Full of answered prayers

Psalm 13

1 Long enough, God – you’ve ignored me long enough. I’ve looked at the back of your head.

2 Long enough I’ve carried this ton of trouble, lived with a stomach full of pain. Long enough my arrogant enemies have looked down their noses at me.

3 Take a good look at me, God, my God; I want to look life in the eye,

4 So no enemy can get the best of me or laugh when I fall on my face.

5 I’ve thrown myself headlong into your arms – I’m celebrating your rescue.

6 I’m singing at the top of my lungs, I’m so full of answered prayers.  – The Message

  • Remember a time when God rescued you.
  • Try to remember as many details about that experience as you can.  Allow memory to take you back to that place.  What were you wearing?  How did you feel?  What did you hear?  Did you notice any smells?  What do you see around you?
  • When you realized God rescued you, what did you feel?  How did you want to respond?  How was your prayer answered.
  • Give thanks to God for the change to revisit this experience and for any new insights gained.
  • Share as you feel led in the reply box below.
Revised Common Lectionary Readings for Sunday, June 26 2011,  Year A
Genesis 22:1-14
Psalm 13
Romans 6:12-23
Matthew 10:40-42 
If you use these prayers in other groups, please give credit to author.
Permission to use in not-for-profit settings Lil Smith, M.Div., DASD.

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