An Invitation

This site is designed for anyone who desires to join in prayer using the lectionary texts for the 3-year Sunday cycle.  You may choose your favorite spiritual discipline or participate in the selected method of the day.  I encourage you to share your prayers if you feel led to do so.

Please be respectful of others prayers and postings.  This sharing is not intended to “fix” anyone or anything.  This sharing is meant to glorify God in our daily lives and to accept one another right where we are today.  Of course, if someone asks for particular solutions, feel free to share your story.

May your time in prayer be blessed today.

If you are seeking spiritual direction or supervision, you may book an appointment.
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Labyrinth photo in header by Marshall Welch.

3 thoughts on “An Invitation”

  1. Lil, What a beautiful site. Thank you for the artwork. I love your guiding meditation thoughts. Blessings.
    Rev. Beth Tatum, First United Methodist of Bishop, TX, SMU Perkins MDiv
    I am finding my Presbyterian colleagues in weekly lectionary study to be a true joy.

  2. Lil, I love your posting and what you have to say. I am here for a fellow blogger name Sammy311 but I believe his handle is livingwithiup. Please keep in prayer for salvation and healing. He is need of a lung transplant due to smoking 1 pack of cigarettes a day for 24 years. He now knows the repercussions of the damage he did to himself and reading his blog seemed like he has given up so please keep in prayer. Many thanks, Tri

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